Fresh Rabbit Holes

Rabbit rabbit,

I am back folks!

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A few things:

  1. I did graduate with my M.Ed. in Education (Special Education). My further education studies are under contemplation, prayer, and research.
  2. I’ve missed writing – in all forms; I’m too busy grading high school essays to really have time to write! (I am a bit rusty.)
  3. And, I just got a free hot tea at the Coffee Bean Tea & Leaf.

Today, I met a gentleman named Renny at one of the churches I go to on the weekends. He is an elderly white man, probably around his 60s. He shared with me just the physical pieces of his life story and that he has two sons that are 39 and 41 years old. As we began talking, he began sharing the difficulties of his oldest son who he hardly has any contact with. Renny texts and calls about once a week, and he leaves it at that and waits for his son to respond back to him. He said it used to bother him, because he is a parent, but he has learned to “let the birds fly after pushing them out of the nest.” Renny also said that he still works even though he is retired. He works at a restaurant and says he does it for fun and truly enjoys it. We didn’t talk much about God, but I listened as he shared his story just before service began. It was a lovely short interaction, and a break from the anxieties and busyness of the mind. I was pleased with the interaction.

After church, I reflected on how lacking we are in communication. At church, we only talk to the people we are comfortable with or people that we know. If the law of God is built on relationships – loving God and loving one another (John 13:34) – how do we neglect just saying a friendly “Hello” to a random stranger? Why are we so scared? Or is it that we think the good Christian thought “Looks new – God bless him (or her)” and just not really put anything into action? Or is it that we think “Eh, someone will come by eventually and greet them”?

I admit that I am guilty of this. And each day I try to push forward out of my own comfort zone to make another person feel welcome, or to just make any kind of connection. I will say that doing so is a blessing and beneficial to the spirit, whether you are at church or in line at the grocery store. Even just a short 5-minute interaction rebalances your mindset to remember: “We are all in this together.” Relationship involves more than one person.

Make a connection.

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Just a digression into a newly dug rabbit hole.



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