About the Author


Emma is a full-time special education English teacher at an at-risk high school, serving low-income, uneducated families. Her professional and personal pursuits in humanities lead her to obtain a B.A. in English and a M.Ed. in Special Education, both in which she studied the psychological, spiritual, mental, and multicultural relations in the current 21st century. Her passion in life is to bring awareness to hidden abuse and empower those who feel lost, trapped, and broken by sharing her story in line with the gospel of Jesus.

As an advocate for victims of DV, NPD, and APD abuse, much of her writing is devoted to educating and helping women on the road of recovery and healing. Here, she writes a little bit of her own experiences as a survivor. Additionally, Emma is also a huge supporter of mental health awareness and specifically writes on the issues of eating disorders, anxiety, depression, trauma, and PTSD.

Emma believes that everyone has a story to share that is God-given, and that when people share their stories, a greater sense of strength and empowerment arise to combat these ideas that one must struggle in isolation. When people share their stories, they realize that they are not alone, and it creates unity in this power of connectedness.

Here’s to all the human hearts that are thirsty for Love —

and the others that wish to just click through and read.


See Emma Lavern for her literary musings.


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